Hire best programmers

Select candidates by evaluating their technical and coding skills

Our benefits

Less time on interviewing

Filter non-qualified candidates automatically. Allow your technical collegues focus on the work they love.

Safer hiring decisions

Test technical and coding skills of every candidate in comparable way and under the same conditions.

Scalable hiring process

Run massive hiring campaign without lowering your hiring standards. Skillbox can handle thousands of tests per day.

Non-technicals can hire technicals

Easy-to-use user interface allows even non-technical users to assign tests and analyse results.

What our clients say

How it works


Create test

Add technical questions from our large question database or by providing your own.


Invite candidates

Send test invitation to candidates emails. You will be notified immediately after the candidate completes the test.


Choose best programmers

Review and compare results. Select best programmers by score or by detailed result report.

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